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Job application process

Job application process. Hints and tips.By Vasilis Efthymiou In this blog, I will talk about the job application process we go through and how we can make sure that as candidates we can increase our chances of being hired. In a previous blog, I had talked about where to look for in order to find a relevant to your interests and skills internship/placement or a full-time job. Thus, all begin by selecting the company and the role you want to apply for and by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button, once you have checked that you meet the requirements for that specific role. The next step is to make an account (if you visit the company's recruitment web portal for the first time) and then complete the online application form. That form varies from companies to companies and different roles. The most basic form will ask candidates only for a CV/Resume and a Cover letter. However, big organizations that have a lot of demand, give you a more extensive application form that requires many details…

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